The Unconstitutional Mr. Obama.

It appears that the president as well as Hillary Clinton and most importantly, the Libyan people have achieved an important victory.  It now looks as if the Muammar Gaddafi-regime will fall and fall hard in dramatic Hollywood-type fashion.  With the rebels advancing on the dictator to take back their country, their lives and their children’s future.  None of this likely would have been possible without American air support assisting the rebels.  But was the cost too high for the American people and their constitution?

Yes, the cost was too high.  In order for President Obama to order military intervention in Libya without getting Congress to approve of the action, he must use the War Powers Act.  The War Powers Act allows a president to take military action with Congress’ consent but he must provide a reason for doing so and gain Congressional approval after 60-90 days.  After this time has passed — a president cannot unilaterally wage war as Caesar Augustus.  But Barack Obama has.  If only he could have heeded Senator Barack Obama’s advice in 2007, speaking on Bush’s two wars:

“We thought we learned this lesson.  After Vietnam, Congress swore it would never again be duped into war, and even wrote a new law — the War Powers Act — to ensure it would not repeat its mistakes. But no law can force a Congress to stand up to the president. No law can make senators read the intelligence that showed the president was overstating the case for war. No law can give Congress a backbone if it refuses to stand up as the co-equal branch the Constitution made it.” – Barack Obama.

I should add, no law can stand in the way of a president acting as if he is the emperor when there is a media that won’t hold him accountable, a republican party that craves war and democrats too feeble to call him on his unconstitutional action.  President Obama has never requested approval.  He simply does as he pleases.

Obama has used the Bush vehicle of hiding behind NATO & the UN to push this crap forward.  And it is wrong.  He is mutilating our Constitution.  There is no excuse for this.  Democrats need to stand up against war and republicans need to stand up for the Constitution.  This war needs to be ended.  Eric Holder needs to stand up for justice for a change and Obama should fix this mistake immediately.