In light of Libya's fall, would Iraq have crumbled on its own?

Libya is in the throws of being overthrown. During 2011’s “Arab spring,” Arab and African dictators have fallen in country after country. Knowing what we now know about Iraq — that Saddam Hussein didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, it is not unreasonable to ask whether Iraq would have fallen on its own from the inside.

Aside from Mr. Obama’s unilateral unconstitutional grab of power in getting American forces involved in this Libyan conflict without congressional approval which is the biggest travesty of this entire affair and will have ramifications for generations to come, the actual fight on the ground appears to have been somewhat of a success. It is true that we don’t know who the rebels really are and what the new government will look like, but it was worth taking a chance on to get rid of its current dictator. But as Egypt overturned its leader and as Iran attempted to overturn its leader, would Iraq have done the same thing? And if they had, would it have worked out better as the people would’ve owned their new government? Could the Americans simply have given air support to a rebel movement to provide backup against Hussein’s superior military abilities? The answer likely could be yes.

Furthermore, if we had not taken out Iraq and allowed Iran to become the power in the region, would Iran, with a near by enemy in Iraq, have been less able to protect itself from a rebellion within?

The American military has done a great job overseas and Saddam Hussein is dead — both of these are reasons to celebrate. But at what cost? Over 900,000 Iraqi’s have been killed during this war. Over 5,000 young American soldiers just trying to make something of themselves have been killed. Trillions spent and yet still no path to victory. The neo-conservatism policy of interventionalism has left us indebted, unfocused on domestic issues, and at risk against true threats to the Republic such as China and Russia. Obama is the worst president of my life time but aside from his unconstitutional Caesar-like action, there could be something to be learned from this military strategy.