Joe Biden is a sickening coward.

Joe Biden makes me sick. 

Recently, on a trip representing the United States of America, Joe Biden our Vice President, stated in response to a question that he “fully understand[s]” and that he was “not second-guessing” China’s “one child per family” policy.  What a terrible coward.  China requires by law that many Chinese children’s lives be ended prior to birth via abortion in order to control the population.  The government requires this parents may not decide unless they have money.  China aborts approximately 13 million babies per year most are required.  No V.P. of the United States should make such comments.  Joe Biden is a sick coward and he disgraced America and her values with his idiotic flippantness towards life.  But I guess we can’t be surprised, the Obama administration has worked tirelessly to roll back life protecting measures ever since he was elected.  Abortion by choice is really only a degradation of a baby’s life.  Abortion by government force is a degradation of the mother’s rights as well.  Is this a look at how Joe Biden really feels?
I can’t wait to get rid of these fools in November 2012.  This is a disgrace.  Joe Biden is a disgrace and he embarrasses me as a Christian, an American and as a human being.