Barack Obama has failed black America.

Yesterday, I was listening to Rush, and he was talking about how Barack Obama has let down the black community in America.  Once I began thinking  about it, Rush is right.  When you go back and you hear the interviews with African-Americans prior to Obama’s election about how Obama is going to lower the cost of heating oil and gas and things are going to be easier, and you see the sincerity in their smiles and in their eyes you realize that they truly believed that he could make a difference in their personal lives.  I went to school with people that actually thought he would make their lives better.  Now, gas prices are high, unemployment is high, and his disapproval ratings are high.  But what is the problem and how do we right the ship? 

Today the story has hit that Obama may be ignoring black voters and taking them for granted as he is bleeding white voters from 2008 that believed that he could make a change in the direction of the country.  He is therefore traveling the Midwest talking about something (jobs? No one really knows)  Unfortunately, things have only gotten worst with Obama in power.  The unemployment rate in the United States is hovering around 9.0% overall while hovering at 15.9% in the black community and  under 8% in the white community.  That is huge, although there are more almost four times more whites than blacks in America, there are is an unemployment rate in the black community that doubles that of whites.  Something is wrong and something must change. 

The black community has to be addressed.  People are drowning and it is not as if no one is doing anything about it, it is simply that no one is doing the right thing about it.  We need welfare reform and entitlement cuts to those who don’t need it and would be encouraged to work harder without it.  We need to cut regulations and union benefits in the car industry that make the purchase of a vehicle unnecessarily prohibitive. 

As for Obama, he cannot leave large cities with 20-30% unemployment in their black communities.  This is ridiculous.  The enormous wealth disparity is a huge problem in America and we need to act quickly because people are hurting and need help.  I really can’t think of anything that would fit into Obama’s political ideology that he would actually pursue to pick these people up.  We can’t spend the problem away because this permanent cultural underclass living off of the government has been rooted in our system for far too long.

Government should make cars cheaper by cutting regs rather than handing out vouchers.  Government can temporarily relax minimum wage laws for express vocations.  This would allow young adults to find some sort of job and way to produce money that they can save for an education, business, or vehicle.  Governments everywhere should give school vouchers to people stuck in terrible inner city school systems.  Put the kids before the teachers unions.  This is just a start but people are crying out for help and their pain could be alleviated if only government would fulfill their duty.