The case for Ken Cuccinelli: U.S. Senate in 2014.

Ken Cuccinelli, the bold and principled Attorney General of Virginia recently stated that he may seek to run against former Governor and current U.S. Senator Mark Warner.  This is huge.  This would be the battle of principal and standing up for what you believe in against Mark Warner the yielder that stands for nothing who claims to be a moderate during election season while voting with Harry Reid in the Senate. 

Ken Cuccinelli has consistently built up his conservative and pro-family record while serving as Virginia’s Attorney General.  Cuccinelli has shown repeatedly that he is fearless in his quest for results as A.G. 

First, he subpoenaed documents involving UVA climate science research.  While Cuccinelli often comes down too hard on the AGW climate change theory, it is important to be testing scientific research that is often backed by political motivations.  Republicans have to hold the line against climate change legislation that could hurt businesses or the economy.  KC would do that.

Second, Mr. Cuccinelli stood up for our families, culture, and common sense when he counseled colleges that he represented by right of election, that homosexuals were not deemed a protected class as gender and race were under existing non-discrimination policies.  Sexual orientation should not be a protected class.  We can count on KC to stand up for those who need defending, unlike George Allen did during his tenure in the Senate.

Third, Mr. Cuccinelli was one of the first state-level AG’s to take the lead on overturning Obama’s healthcare law.  A little over a year ago it was considered a ridiculous argument to claim that the federal government did not have the power to mandate that every American buy a service simply because they were born on this planet.  People stood on the sidelines laughing and claiming that the powers of the Commerce Clause were virtually limitless.  Now a Court of Appeals has agreed with Cuccinelli and we are an Anthony Kennedy away from overturning the mandate. 

Fourth, Cuccinelli released the common sense opinion that surgical abortion clinics which were performing surgeries on our women should have to operate under the same health restrictions that every other surgical office has to operate under.  Specifically, his office released the legal opinion that enables the state Board of Health the ability to write new regulations that can require abortion clinics to be subject to the same health standards as hospitals.  This required that counselors undergo training (*GASP*!!!) while making abortion clinics safer and . . . . cleaner (*GASP*!!!).  Although the left would disagree, protecting Roe v. Wade should not be more important than protecting the health of our women and Ken Cuccinelli has consistently fought for Virginia’s women while NARAL VA continues to fight against them.

These are the types of principled stands that we have come to appreciate and Ken Cuccinelli is the Jaime Radtke, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint kind of conservative that we can trust to stand up to Mitch McConnell in the Senate.  And don’t worry about his electability.  No one in the republican base could oppose Cuccinelli and with a united base you don’t need to convince independents they will vote with us.