George Allen will continue the status quo on abortion but never fight to ban it.

George Allen is the former republican Governor, Senator and shoe-in republican presidential candidate from Virginia that lost his U.S. Senate seat to now-Senator Jim Webb after running one of the worst campaigns of modern history (Macaca anyone?).

George Allen is now running for his old U.S. Senate seat against former Virginia Governor and DNC Chair, Tim Kaine. There are many things to like about George Allen. There are even more things to dislike about George Allen. However, Allen’s pro-abort views are cause for concern, not simply for social conservatives, but for all Virginia voters as dishonesty and manipulation on one issue can unveil a larger problem.

Pro-life activists have to come to a place where they no longer excuse people for having one foot in the pro-life camp and one foot in the pro-abort camp. We need clear distinctions. It doesn’t matter that pro-aborts ease their own conscience by dubbing themselves “pro-choice.” The end game is that pro-choicers believe there are times that it is acceptable for a civilized society to put their own children to death.

If you are for protecting all innocent human life, you are pro-life. If you think there are times where the law should encourage the destruction of innocent human life you are pro-abort (or pro-choice if you prefer). With that being said, I was surprised to learn just how pro-abort George Allen is. The premise is that George Allen is widely believed to be “pro-life.” He has a 0% NARAL rating and a 100% NLRC rating, which is supposed to impress us. Yet, we still have abortion everywhere, all the time, despite all of these “pro-life” representatives we’ve elected. To Allen’s credit, he voted to ban partial-birth abortion, for the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, to ban embryonic stem cell research and to affirm the “Mexico City” ban on international funding of abortion. But those were positions the party towed. Those were the red meat issues to keep us voting for him. But abortions never decreased thanks to George Allen.

The reason why, is because George Allen is pro-choice.

First, in 2000, George Allen stated that “…a woman should be allowed to have an abortion only until the point in pregnancy when there is a medical evidence of a heartbeat and brain activity.”

Second, in a Project Vote Smart survey, Allen again reaffirmed that “abortion should be illegal when the fetus is viable, with or without life support” and “[abortion should be legal]…when pregnancy resulted from rape or incest, when the life of the woman is endangered, and gross fetal abnormality.” Over 9 out of 10 abortions take place before there is a heartbeat or brain activity. The abortion battlefield that we fight on pretty much starts at conception and ends at the end of the first trimester. Past that, even pro-aborts get squeamish. For Allen to concede the first trimester is to concede the fight.

It is not ok to concede the first trimester. The only acceptable guide post should be conception.

Finally, is this Barr Labs issue. Barr Laboratories manufactures the “Plan B” or “Morning After” Pill here in Virginia. The Plan B pill is a chemical abortion pill taken the night after sexual intercourse with the purpose of destroying the newly created human life within the mother. George Allen owns stock in this company yet refused to sell the stock leading up to the 2006 election. I would never profit financially off of any type of abortion and neither would most of you. But George Allen does. A pol can’t come to us and say that he is one of us and that he stands with us if he also stands to gain financially from the practice of abortion. That proves he is not one of us.

This is one issue. But it is a huge issue. How can fiscal conservatives trust George Allen who raised the debt ceiling four times without cuts and voted to increase Medicare and No Child Left Behind if he is this type of chameleon? Virginians have to get behind Jamie Radtke in the upcoming senate Race. She is one of us and you don’t get this kind of dishonesty with her. Stand for something.  George Allen is pro-choice & we won’t be fooled anymore.