The Republican brand must be the brand that holds firms on the principle of protecting earned wealth.

As deficits are brought under control an important question is being asked.  Should republicans be open to raising taxes?  This question could become the relevant question of the next few election cycles as republicans face un-fundable programs, running deficits, and growing debt.  As state governors and legislators grapple with getting budgets and deficits under control a decision must be made to either raise taxes on the rich or cut programs for the middle and lower class.  That is simply the situation that our country is facing.  But, if the deficit is great enough, should republicans consider raising taxes?

The answer is no.  In this political climate republicans have to protect earned wealth as well as the republican brand. 

Politico recently published an article titled, “Some govs succeed with softer touch.”  The article compares and contrasts the more moderate Governor Martinez (New Mexico) and Governor Sandoval (Nevada) with the confrontational approaches of Governor Walker (Wisconsin) and Governor Kasich (Ohio).  The article states that Governor Sandoval raised taxes and that national republicans should take a hint and go with a more moderate approach.  This article is of course from politico and is of course completely wrong. 

Republicans will win over its base + the middle by standing up for something and distinguishing themselves, not by being more like democrats.  We are a center-right country Americans like center-right positions.  For the past month, the MSM has been attempting to convince us that saying “no” to tax raises is a far right belief system.  It’s not.  It is conservative and it is mainstream.  No one has ever been voted out of office for refusing to raise taxes on their constituents, to suggest otherwise is ludicrous.  Politico obviously does not seek conservative solutions to problems. 

To win the White House, the Senate and to hold onto our House gains nationally and at home, republicans must stand for protecting the wealth.  Many voters don’t like “divisive” social issues or things that don’t effect the bottom line.  But not raising taxes is something 70% of Americans can agree on.  Protect the brand, protect the country, protect hard work.