What's the point

I have not posted in a long time.  The primary reason is the conclusion of my last project GrassleyWatch.com.  It was enjoyable and reached a small but dedicated audience in Iowa and DC, but I wondered with every post if anyone cared.  I have been encouraged by a few of my former followers and supporters to enter the blogging world again, but I still wonder what’s the point.

As I consider the absurdity of politics today and the aboslute mess the federal government has created for itself (correction: that voters have allowed to be created), I can’t help but wonder what one more voice can possibley mean.  I know there are many like minded individuals in Iowa and across the country, but will my thoughts have  an impact on those of different ideologies and principals?

I can not provide much in the way of ground breaking information or legal analysis, I simply don’t have time with a full time job and a family, which takes top priority. But it is becasue of my family, and in a small part my job, that led me to the blogging world in the first place.  But again what’s the point?

I could spend hours posting and hours researching, but if no one listens why bother?  And when I say no one, I am refering to the policy makers.  I could post for years and have less impact than one of the outsdtanding individuals that have stood up at a townhall meeting to say ENOUGH!  I could post for years and not have the positive influence that Jon Narcisse has had in one term on the Des Moines School Board.  So, what is the point?

This is really just a post to myself as I work through this question.  But in reality, this question is not just a question about my posts on a blog, it is about my participation in politics as a whole.  It is a question that many conservatives have daily when it comes time to email, call, or stop into an office of an elected official.  It is the question that many voters have when they wake up on election day.  It is the question too many of my countrymen ask when they rise from bed on a Sunday morning and decide to read the New York Times instead of getting the most important of news from the pulpit.  This is a question that plauges many of our souls.  What is the answer.  What will motivate us?  What will bring us shouting at those in charge?  Is it an Iowa judge declaring “gay marraige” as a right?  Is it federal health care “reform” and the double speak from Obama and the Democrats?  Is it the new green tax or my state income tax increase?  Is it the trillions of dollars spent by both Democrats and Republicans in Washington and Des Moines (or Springfield, or Sacramento, or Austin, or Indianapolis, or your state capital of choice) putting us in debt for generations? I don’t know.

It is time for conservatives to step up, myself included.  We wait for a reason and a leader.  We wait for direction and a sense of protection in numbers.  We wait and the country falls apart around us.  We must stop waiting.  We must begin to take action, as small as those actions might be.  So now the question is what will my action be?  What will your action be?