Grassley isn't a delegate, but does it matter?

Many of you may have read previously that the Iowa Republican Party rebuffed Senator Charles Grassley by not selecting the senior Iowa Republican as a delegate to the national convention.  This sent a strong signal to Grassley that Iowa conservatives are unhappy, but what impact will it have on the convention?

I admit that I am not a political insider.  I have not run for a political office since being elected student body vice president in high school. Nor have I been a delegate to a party convention.  But, I don’t see that the selection, or exclusion in this case, of a potential delegate will have an impact on the convention.  This is particularly true when the individual will still be able to attend the convention.  Senator Grassley will still be schmoozing on the floor of the convention promoting his agenda and exerting influence.  The Iowa delegation will vote the same with or without Grassley. 

So if the snub of the Senator has little to no impact on the convention, what impact does it have?  This story has helped to focus the attention of Iowa conservatives on the activities of Senator Grassley.  The chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, Steve Scheffler, denies that Grassley wasn’t selected as a delegate due to his investigation of six televangelists, but that has not prevented the rumor from becoming far reaching and being cheered in all 99 Iowa counties and beyond.  The accuracy of the rumor does not matter, the fact that it has gotten this traction indicates that the sentiment is out there.  Iowa conservatives are growing concerned about their senator and may be looking for a change from the status quo.

Greg Forbes
Editor, grassleywatch.com

Originally posted 08/29/2008 on Grassley Watch