Grassley's Focus on Investigations

Congress has some obligation to act as a watch dog and to hold investigations, but Grassley’s sole focus in the Senate seems to be investigation. His most recent demand is for hearings regarding the FBI’s anthrax letter investigation. It is not that I think hearings on this topic would not be beneficial, but Grassley appears to be accomplishing little else than starting investigations. A short list of the investigations and hearings Grassley has initiated or requested in recent months include:

This focus on investigations should not be a surprise considering comments Grassley made in 2007. He stated “I come from a philosophy of checks and balances… Congress spends too much time legislating and not enough time doing oversight.” Grassley has initiated so many investigations that he is not sure how many he is currently conducting.

According to Federal Computer Week, Grassley made a determination early in his senate career “that oversight was one area in which he could make a difference, and he wouldn’t need the agreement of 50 other senators.” This raises the question of whether the senator is using oversight to better the country or to get his name in the press for political purposes.

I want to reiterate that I am not against Congressional oversight, but that should not be the primary job of any one elected representative. Grassley was sent to congress to produce legislation, legislation that benefits the country and Iowa without destroying our cultural and social values. Important issues need to be addressed by congress including high fuel prices, high cost of healthcare, trade imbalances, and coming disasters of Medicare and Social Security. We need a national energy policy, social security reform, health care/tort reform, and a renewal of the Bush tax cuts. Instead of addressing these issues, Grassley is more concerned with his role as a watchdog.

Mr. Grassley, you have already made a name for yourself, it is time to shift your focus towards solving our country’s problems. If you want to get your name in the press, join the Republicans in the House of Representatives in their effort to have a debate with the majority party about increasing domestic oil production. Demand that Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, allow for debate on the floor of the Senate and a vote on drilling legislation.

Greg Forbes
Editor, grassleywatch.com

Originally posted 08/13/2008 on Grassley Watch