Grassley Insinuates that EPA is Violating Law

A letter signed by eight senators, including Iowa’s Charles Grassley, insinuates that the Environmental Protection Agency and EPA Administrator Johnson have violated law by meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry behind closed doors. The assumption these senators have made is that some backroom deal has been made between the governor and the EPA. I find this ironic considering the number of backroom deals that have been made in this congress to prevent input from the public.It is true that back door deals are generally not made in the best interest of the public but of the parties involved. But the same can be said about the dueling ethanol public relations campaigns being waged by Senator Grassley and the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Both groups are attempting to paint a one sided picture that prevents the public from determining reality. Mr. Grassley, maybe you should re-examine your motivations and think about what is best for the country. It is time to release all of the facts and stop the public relations campaign.

The EPA has delayed its decision until August, which should please Grassley. The delay also suggests that the accusations made in the senator’s letter are unfounded.

Greg ForbesEditor, grassleywatch.com

Originally posted 7/30/08 on Grassley Watch