Grassley Comments on Judicial Nominations

Senator Grassley recently participated in a forum held by Pennsylvania Senator Allen Specter. Grassley scolded the Democrats for their foot dragging on President Bush’s judicial nominees.

Overall, there has been some serious foot dragging by our friends on the other side of the aisle with respect to moving President Bush’s judicial nominations, in particular circuit court nominees. And as our witnesses will testify and contrary to what our Democrat friends say, this snail’s pace is unprecedented. …The reality is that the Senate has slowed down the judicial confirmation process to unprecedented levels. The Judiciary Committee under Democratic control has scheduled fewer judicial nominations hearings overall, resulting in a much lower judicial confirmation rate for President Bush compared to recent past Presidents.

Senator Specterhas decided that he has enough of the Democrat’s stalling tactics and wants to take action. This forum was just one of series of meetings with Republicans and conservatives to develop a new strategy to deal with the slow progress on Bush’s nominees.

Greg ForbesEditor, grassleywatch.com

Originally posted 07/15/08 on Grassley Watch