Iowans Taking Notice of Grassley Missteps

According to Matt Lewis on Townhall.com, Grassley has been punished by Iowa Republicans for his investigation of Christian ministries. I hope this is a sign that Iowa conservatives and Republicans are taking note of Grassley’s activities.

This last weekend was the Iowa GOP convention. According to a reliable source, some conservatives (believing Sen. Grassley has lately been drinking too much water from the Potomac), decided to punish the sitting senior senator by not including him as a national delegate for the Republican National Convention. I’m told Grassley’s investigation into Evangelical organizations was one of the offending factors.

Grassley did not provide himself with much of an opportunity to protest this move at the Iowa Republican Convention as he apparently decided not to attend. Is this a sign of disrespect for Iowa Republicans? At a minimum it appears that the convention was not a priority for Grassley in a year that he does not appear on the ballot.

Greg ForbesEditor, grassleywatch.com

Originally posted 07/14/08 on “Grassley Watch