Grassley Doesn't Threaten Copeland Ministries, Again

Grassley shows no signs of letting up on his investigation of six Christian ministries. These ministries, all televangelist that preach the prosperity gospel, are under a Senate Finance Committee investigation being spearheaded by the Republican senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley. A number of religious groups have publicly come out against Grassley’s crusade (Coalition’s Letter, Believers Stand United, Assemblies of God) and a few of the six ministries are not cooperating. But, Grassley is using his elected seat of authority and his “big stick”, the threat of subpoena, to bully these ministries into cooperation.Recently, two ministries, Benny Hinn Ministries and Joyce Meyer Ministries, have informed the senator that they will be changing the way they operate. This has only emboldened the senator who has said he is “not threatening them, at this point” according to the Gazette. Grassley’s non-threat is clearly intended to apply pressure on these ministries to cooperate and follow the example now being set by Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyer.

Copeland Ministries has refused to cooperate in this investigation. Kenneth Copeland has made his position clear stating that he would not respond to subpoenas and would be willing to go to prison before providing the Senate Finance Committee what they are asking. Copeland Ministries has on the other hand pledged full cooperation to the IRS if the IRS should decide to conduct its own investigation. Copeland and those that support him simply want the senator to leave tax inquiries of churches and ministries to the IRS where they belong. He wants the senator to avoid the murky pool of Church-State separation that this investigation appears to have dove head first into.

Greg ForbesEditor, grassleywatch.com

Originally posted 07/14/08 on Grassley Watch