Hillary and her sleazy hubby, Slick Willy,  are hip deep in a financial scandal. She is the front runner of the Democratic Party. If she is the best they have ….

Our illustrious Speaker of the House says the Clintons are “good people”.  He seems to have a problem with judging character. He also has many more shortcomings that it would be redundant to discuss here.

Mr. Rubio is on board with amnesty it seems, as is Mr. [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ]. At least I haven’t seen anything definitive saying they are against it. I haven’t heard much about the subject from Mr. Cruz, but I don’t pay much attention to him for now.. Mr. Walker leaves me wondering what baggage he has stashed in a closet somewhere. I like Dr. Carson so far but he could turn out to be less than he seems too. All in all, not much of a warm fuzzy feeling about the future of the presidency. What else is new. Hopefully that will change as the election’s rhetoric continues to flow.

I have studied the current state of affairs and it is my conclusion that we traded a constitutional republic for a semi-constitutional monarchy.  The Constitution forbids Titles of Nobility, but by golly we damn sure have them anyway.

The president and first lady sure act like king and queen from my perspective. In most current monarchies, the king or queen reigns but doesn’t rule. Here, it would appear, that the king (and queen) do indeed rule as well. The king makes unconstitutional decisions without the permission or input from the congress. The queen issues policy directives, but I am damned if I can find the source of her assumed authority anywhere in our Constitution or federal laws.

The department heads in the executive branch, along with the so-called czars,  act just like dukes and duchesses. Their word is law so long as it doesn’t conflict with the kings wishes. We, the rabble, have no direct contact with them and are ignored for the most part. The fact that they are in conflict with the Constitution is of no interest to them or the king. The alphabet agencies rule by regulation with no input or say on the part of congress or the people.

The congress is the minor nobility ( earls, barons, counts, no-counts, etc). They pass laws but are largely ignored by the dukes and duchesses and the king and queen. Beats me why we even bother electing them. They serve no purposes other than their own.  Getting re-elected so they can draw a salary and get them perks looks to be their only motivation. We the sheep are useful in getting them re-elected, but other than that, they wish we would sit down and shut up.

The king’s magistrates are pretty much a joke as well. Only a  handful of federal judges seem to know what their real jobs are. They have this strange idea that they are empowered to make law as well as interpret it. The people haven’t a chance against the nobility as the magistrates go along with the herd most of the time.

So go back to your hovels peasants. You are important only so long as you contribute your wealth to the nobility. Hang on to what you have if you can. The king is bringing in millions of other serfs that will be looking at your goodies and money. The King and his minions will get richer and you will get poorer. If all these new serfs are allowed to vote, we effectively become a one-party government.

We slept through the desecration and usurpation and now we can’t control the beasts among us. Oh well, stick your heads back in the sand and pull the covers over your fannys before they take those too.