It is now Election Day plus 2. Much of the smoke has cleared and the rhetoric has calmed somewhat. There are still a few races that have not been reported, but, by and large, they are not meaningful in so far as the balance of power is concerned. They may tilt the seat count a little further to the right but they will not confer any significant amount of power to the right side of the aisle.

Much is being made about the “mandate” being given to the Republicans. I would argue there is no such mandate. Rather it is a continuation of the status quo. Oh, there will be confrontation and posturing but at the end of the day, little will have changed. My premise is based on the fact that, truthfully, there is little difference in the goals of the two political parties. It is largely a matter of how fast the parties want the federal government to grow. When politicians talk about cutbacks in programs and spending, they actually mean slowdowns. The government will continue to grow and it will continue to encroach on the personal liberties of the average citizen. It just won’t happen as fast as when the Democrats are in power. Our national wealth will continue to flow into the federal government. The difference is where the largess will be routed. The Democrats champion the “poor” and “minorities”. The Republicans funnel the goodies to their corporate supporters. Neither party fights in the cause of the taxpaying middle-class worker.

The Republican Party is fractionalized. They do not have the cohesiveness of the Democrats. This is unfortunate as it will make compromise and pandering the way of the immediate future.

I snort whenever I hear the term “RINO”. This stands for “Republican in Name Only”. It is a pejorative aimed at the more moderate wing of the Republican Party. Actually, ALL of the Republican congressmen and senators are “rINOS” (little r). While they bask in the piety the name “Republican” implies, in reality, there is not a republican among them. None of the so-called Republicans are in fact proponents of the republican form of government given to us by the Founders. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have been guilty of subverting the concepts and practices of true republican government. Rather, we are ruled by a form of representative socialism. Oh, we elect our representatives to be sure, but, do they really represent us? In fact, I am inclined to think they represent their donors and their own agendas. We, the citizens, are only relevant around election time.

The con men in Washington are only able to get away with this mind staggering form of larceny and unconscionable chicanery because “we the people” are apathetic and un-informed. Government and Civics are no longer taught in most school systems. This is by design. If the citizenry were suddenly politically well informed, and, if our youngsters were taught how a republican form of government is supposed to work, there would be hell to pay. OK. I am a cynic. I don’t expect any epiphany at the federal level to rescue us from our own shortcomings and political laziness. I have my own ideas as to how to solve the major issues, but, they are just that: my own ideas. I have no way to tattoo them on the body politic. I am not sure I would, even if I could. I have come to the conclusion that the American people deserve the government they have. I may expound on these ideas in future articles (blogs) and then again, I ask myself, “why bother?” No one is interested. If they were, there would be more skepticism and outcry. No. I will sit back and watch. At my age, that is about all I can do. I am too old to march on Washington with a bucket of hot tar and a sack of feathers, although I do find the vision entertaining. I also suspect there aren’t enough chickens around to supply the raw materials needed.

GreytigerTX (Nov 2014)