ISIS Gains while DoD diddles

Nobody likes ISIS.  Not even Al Qaeda.  And certainly not Syria’s Assad.  Nor Israel, nor Jordan, nor Egypt (ostensible allies), nor Iraq nor even Iran.

On the one hand, I’m not averse to letting the Iraqis stew in their own ethnic turmoil juices, then fall.   But then, I have sympathies for Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians (all defined as “protected” People of the Book in Al Q’ran).  And I know we will be next.

The Pentagon is trying to find its derriere.   Naval aircraft can fly 1,000 miles to intervene;  Air Force B-2s can fly 12,000 miles from Missouri.  But ONE weapon was designed to do the job that is necessary:  the A-10 “Warthog.”

ONE squadron of A-10s based in Erbil could cover much of Northern Iraq and all of Kurdish (our only real Iraqi allies) territory.  They have a proven record of decimating enemy troops (_see, Kuwait) in small or large convoys.  Northern Iraq is a target-rich environment.

BUT:  The last thing the Air Force wants to do is re-introduce an effective aircraft that they are determined to decommission;  the Navy wants to keep its kudos, and the Army can’t send Apaches because they are very close to “boots on the ground”  (and sometimes get shot down).

The pentagon once commissioned a close-support aircraft at a cost of under $12 million per.This is what we need, if we bother to do anything.  ” It is the only United States Air Force production aircraft designed solely for close air support, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses.”

Decide to go or not (decisions not being in our President’s resume), this is the solution.

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