Crusade v. Jihad

Politics demand that anything President Obama does must be opposed.  But, in one case, this is immoral.  The President has authorized air attacks against the Islamic State, and this is the moral thing to do.

Al Qur’an (Have you read it?  Because if you haven’t, you cannot disagree with things of which you have no knowledge.) says that Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians should NOT be considered “infidels,” as they believe in a single God (or “Allah” which means the same thing).

The Islamic State executes or enslaves Christians, Jews (if any are left), Zoroastrians (including the Yazidi, an off-shoot).  They do not follow Al Qur’an, although their “religious” leaders connived to preach the same sermon to all of conquered Mosul in every Mosque last Friday.   (Oh:  elsewhere they slaughter Muslims.)

The solution is to exterminate this plague upon humanity and, particularly, their religious leaders.  Hateful Imams seem to have been protected, but their demise will assist peace.  This goes against most Western thought, but it is necessary.  The Prophet Mohammed (PBOH) himself, writing for Allah, said to beware of false prophets.

[For any who object to my using Muslim phrases. please consider that a DIalogue has two sides.]

It is not a bad thing to “Crusade” against inhumanity.  The current “Jihad” has nothing to do with reaching spiritual consonance with God or Allah, but everything to do with walking amidst boiling mud with every fig just out of reach.