Thoughts on The Final Solution

Shoah works well for the Palestinians.  I am sorry, but it is the Israeli “end-game.”  Millions of somewhat Jews have descended on “The Holy Land,” and they need a place to camp.  The Book of Joshua is the answer and the solution. Please read it.  None of the participants ignore history … and all remember it.  The West have long forgotten; The Bible (sometimes a history book) is oft forgotten.

Israel already restricts food imports to Gaza.  They base it on calories/person/day.  I’ve read the research that determined “basic subsistence level” for food … ALL of the data came from studies on Jewish prisoners of the Nazis.  Similar data is in use to this day … “Crash tests” of cars are based on Nazi-era data that documented [Jewish] “subjects” being slammed into walls.  Data is data.

Egypt was rebuffed by Hamas.    I don’t care which government wins;  the population loses.

Note: “Shoah” is  synonym for The Holocaust.

Just some perspective.