Minimum Wage -- Politics versus Reality.

I published in another venue that the current $10.10 proposal steals a catch-phrase from Herman Cain and makes it  impossible for Republicans to support the President’s purely political request.  I say the Party should jump on board, and make a big deal about supporting last year’s State of the Union request for $9.00 an hour!

Despite the fact that thirty years of studies have proved that increasing the minimum wage decreases the number of minimum wage jobs.  And of those remaining, I’m going to hire experienced adults to flip my burgers instead of young kids who need to learn how to show up at work every day and learn that work provides money.

Mind you, I have been debating the topic for a month with my graduate-school daughter who is doing a paper on the subject while working full-time for more than minimum wage.  And who started out at McDonald’s AT minimum-wage.  (She got a raise after three months.)

Tonight, I debated the subject with my Actuary friend of several decades.  He is more Conservative than I, and advocates a “free-market” (unregulated) approach.  He knows the numbers.  But was a bit taken aback when I said I cannot hire an uneducated  day laborer in Dallas for less than $10/hr.  That‘s the free market!  That’s a fact.

So, for politics’ sake, take the high road:  Republicans need to agree with The President on his $9/hr minimum wage (because it won’t much matter), and pull one of the posts right out from under the Democrats’ platform for 2014.