The Ukraine ... Why Now?

I have no idea why our President and our politicians (on both sides) are suddenly interested in intervening in a foreign civil insurrection.   Perhaps they have some inane* wish to start another World War (which might benefit the defense industry).  Perhaps they wish to re-establish their long-lost “street-creds” regarding a strong foreign policy.  (Kinda like being “strong on crime.” by putting a few million marijuana smokers behind bars.)  Democrats might think it a distraction enabling them to retain the Senate in this year’s election.  Republicans (many, too long in office) might feel more comfortable returning to the era of the Cold War.

I can only applaud The Maidan, who have [mostly] peacefully overthrown a Government through Ghandi-like techniques.  Ah, but could we do the same in America.  I know folks in and from the Ukraine … they support The People … less could be said of our own politicians … none of ours has asked what We The People of America think.

So why is our President escalating the internal (to the former USSR) conflict?  Six fighter planes to the Baltic,  a destroyer to the Black Sea, missiles to Poland?  None of The Baltic, Black Sea, or Poland are near the U.S.  But all border Russia.  What should Putin think?  Who is the Aggressor?

The Ukraine will settle its East-West political differences.  Either Russia or the EU/IMF will offer them better financial terms.  The revolution (primarily about political corruption) will win, at least for a while.  Too bad America cannot say the same.

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea will have a plebiscite.  The People [of Crimea] may democratically decide to return to the Russian fold, as they were part of Russia for hundreds of years before 1954, when Premier Khrushchev signed them over to the Ukraine in what was then equivalent to an Executive Order.  If we are for a Democratic change in the Ukraine en toto, why should we be against a Democratic change in Crimea?

America needs to stay the heck out!

*  I mean INANE … it means “Stupid.”  INSANE would be to start WW III.