The Solution to Syria ... for Now

There is  a straightforward (if difficult) solution to the current chemical weapons crisis.  It requires both diplomacy and politics.


The World’s leaders will be gathered in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation the end of this week.  Behind closed doors, both the United States and France should offer a rapprochement:   “Both the US and Russia have experience destroying chemical weapons stocks, but we have little influence over Syria.  Why don’t you, the Russian Federation, send a ship down to Aleppo and ask President Assad to load it up with all his WMDs? You can destroy them and we’ll be happy to support safe passage.”

America (Cold War) and France (Napoleon) both have a history opposing Russia, but this is an issue upon which we can agree.


The President has passed the buck (and perhaps two balls) to Congress.  Republicans must toss it squarely back in his lap and vote unanimously FOR a military strike.  The Statement:  “Mr.President, you have threatened the credibility and the Word of the United States of America before all the World.  America and our Republicans in Congress are deeply divided over possibly entering another war, but we must support you in preserving the integrity of our Nation in World Affairs.  The decision for a limited strike is yours.”

Our Senators and Representatives are sent to Congress to make difficult decisions.  Sometimes our Republic requires them to vote against the latest poll.  This is such an occasion, but it presents an opportunity:  it undermines the President’s meme that “Republicans oppose everything I do.”  It also provides the opportunity to sit back and watch as the Democrats in Congress don’t support their President, as many have said.

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