Letter to my daughter -- Redstate won't like this

[redacted, and slightly edited, with comments]


When you have the chance, please check your student loan balances.   I need to know if they’ve been applying your payments against the higher-interest loan, per instruction. If not, I’ll write the appropriate Federal Agencies (there are now several of them).  Our Representative Kenny Marchant doesn’t seem to care,  I wrote him, but he has not responded in over a month.

Congress is currently considering Student Loans, and I have some opinions.

My daughter is paying off that 6.8% rate, because she got her loans before the temporary reduction that just expired.  Were I to get a ten-year mortgage today (same term as a student loan), I’d pay less than 4% on ten times what she owes.  Not only does the Department of Education suggest a “minimum payment” now due sometime in 2015 or beyond,  but they are happy to add “unpaid interest” to the principal every month.  A change in subcontractors has eliminated paper statements and the ability to designate a more-than-minimum payment among multiple loans with varying interest rates.

The village idiots have gone missing to Austin for a SECOND “special session.”  In Grapevine, our reasonable lady State Representative was “primaried” and lost to Michael Capriglione.  I’m not sure if he’s your Rep. but the dried up members of the Texas House have already voted FOR restrictive abortion legislation, and I think he went along.  He’s lost two votes in this house.  Jane Nelson is our State Senator.  Please write to her soonest as the Texas Senate has not yet voted, and she’s probably also YOUR District 12 Senator.  Your Mom went to her local office to weigh in, but nobody was home, so she called to complain.  She’s been our favorite for years, but if she votes “for,” she’ll never get our votes again.  Love,–Dad

Molly Ivins:  “When the [Texas] Lege is in session, many a village is missing its idiot.”  Just for reference.

Wife and I are opposed to abortion on a personal level, and fired an OB/GYN who suggested that for our daughter.  But wife is an RN … and daughter now works with both Law Enforcement and Social Services.  They’ve seen a lot:  abused kids and women, plenty on some sort of welfare.

When folks and politicians step up to adopting ‘unwanted” and even “disabled” children; when politicians commit to supporting kids from womb, through ICU, through college,  I’ll believe again.  But I don’t hear it.