In Memoriam

I see too many political posts, this weekend.  I won’t make it to Preston, Iowa, this year.  There, the flags of Veterans hang in glory, along both sides of the single cemetery driveway.  Those flags were given to dozens of families over many years, and donated to the local VFW that my Grandfather helped found.  Every Memorial Day, they fly proudly over the prairie, and are many.

Thank you to all who have given their lives that we can make political posts.  Many are buried with their families or their comrades.  Many not.

Thank you John (two of them), Robert, Verne, Ron, Don, Jay Le Roy, Leon, Erwin, Otto, Jay, and many others (temporarily lost in a computer crash) for your service.

Among those above, a Silver Star and a Croix de Guerre, but medals don’t so much matter.  Lives do.  One got “off the boat” in 1776.

Most lie with their families, in little paces like Preston.  One in Belgium, one near Andersonville.

Please add your names, in reverence and in remembrance.