A Christmas Carol

We interrupt this program, off season …

While America is in political tumult, something amazing just happened.  We watched Monday efficient, effective, and smiling Russians help a Russian, an American, and a Canadian out of a space capsule of most ancient design, returning them from the International Space Station (ISS) to Earth after well-over a hundred days in space.

Commander Chris Hadfield of Canada recorded two songs during his journey.  The first is his own original, and ought to become a new Christmas Carol. ‘Twas his gift to the world from space for Christmas day, with no apologies.

The day before he left the ISS, he recorded a “cover” (from David Bowie) … and I’m amazed that his son posted the final version only hours after the landing we watched:  Space Oddity.

You can see on his face the dream of space.  ‘Tis a dream we’ve oft forgot.  NASA is costly, and few in America seem to care anymore.  But I grew up in an America inspired by Heinlein and Asimov.  I watched Neil Armstrong live, in black and white.

Remember the dream.