Prime Minister Thatcher's Funeral Is Wednesday

The BBC has published details of Maggie Thatcher’s funeral Wednesday.

In typical British understatement, “Ronald Reagan’s widow Nancy is understood to be too frail to travel.”  Thus, the American delegation will include only our most important representatives linked to Thatcher’s decade-plus-one years of service as Prime Minister of our arguably most important ally (the titles are the BBC’s):

Former US Secretary of State and Nobel Peace laureate Dr Henry Kissinger
Former US Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne
US politician Newt Gingrich
US politician Ross Perot
Actress Joan Collins

Both former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev are contemporaries of the Iron Lady and not well enough to attend, either.

For obvious reasons, the Argentine President has not been invited and her Ambassador to England has declined to attend.  Not so obvious is that there seems to be no French delegation, but they have had disagreements with Britain for a thousand years.

IN attendance will be at least 17 current and former Presidents and Prime Ministers of other nations, as well as the son of a Prince.

US Presidents from Carter to Obama and former Sec. State Clinton were invited.  Perhaps they’ll show up.

Many British dignitaries and Prime Ministers from ALL parties will attend, even a “Leader of the Opposition.”

Thatcher was controversial, but she did much to change her nation.  A bit of respect is due.