I am SOOOOooo Ticked Off

So I read the latest, on Republican “compromises.”  I haven’t noticed the sky falling since The Sequester took effect, although I am told  it must have been a catastrophe.  Sec. State Kerry announced $250 million in aid to Egypt , since.

The US Navy bought another four “littoral ships” for almost $1.4 billion ($1,378,350,912, to be precise, because we can price a ship down to the last dollar).  Because they look really cool?

The US Air Force awarded ~$50 million to maintain luxury jets. Because Generals don’t want to ride with their troops. C-47s, anyone?

That’s just the weekend news, AFTER Sequesterdon, the end of the Federal budget (like we’ve had one, since 2009) world.

Let the sequester stand.  The Party ought to be touting that it only halted some increases in Federal expenditures, and did diddly-squat to actually lower what is being spent

The dimwits in Congress (of both parties, thank you) haven’t passed a budget in four years, haven’t balanced a budget in more than a hundred years, and haven’t passed appropriation due (since the 70s, previously due in July) October 1 in decades!

Of course, a long over-due Continuing Resolution (CR) is due March 27.  Because Congress didn’t finish it’s #1 [read the first sentence of The Constitution, Article I, Section 8] job by October 1, 2012 (LAST YEAR!).  Please note that a “continuing resolution” just ratifies (and adds to, in the footnotes) whatever some previous Congress approved.

Let the lackies at TSA grope all they want.  Retire 10% of all the GS 14s and 15s throughout Government, and none of the people that sort of do the actual work will be affected.  THAT would have an effect.  Defund outside committees paid to do the work for which Congress is paid.  And halt Congressional salaries until they can balance the Federal budget.  We need volunteer congress critters from the people, and not professional politicians,some of whom consider it a ‘family business.”