Embrace the Cliff!

Congress:  All y’all voted and passed it last year, and President Obama signed it.  Please go home, enjoy the holidays, and do nothing. You’re good at that.

Social Security is safe: they made a $59.3 billion profit as of September 30, the end of the Federal Fiscal Year.  Grandma will keep getting her payments. although she’ll lose some on dividends and interest from all she’s saved over the years.  Thanks to the Fed (and you), her bank account earns a dime a month.

Please do nothing. If you pass no bills, the President will have nothing to veto. Why interrupt his vacation?  Or yours?

Please embrace the so-called Fiscal Cliff you created.  Wealthy people will pay lots more taxes, the Middle Class will pay no more than they used to (although, in the aggregate, more than the Wealthy), and the Poor won’t share in paying for their Government. Win, win!

Oh!  And the “defunding social security act,” the President’s “tax holiday” reducing employees’ contributions to Social Security, will also expire.  Good news.

Y’all know the “spending cuts” are mostly “reductions in the increase in spending,” so why bother with new legislation?

YOUR  Budget was due last October 1.  Maybe the next Congress can complete what you haven’t in years.

Go home, call it quits, and PLEASE stop showing up on TV saying “we did nothing today!”

Embrace the cliff.   Y’all built it.  Why change it?  Please get on your garbage can lids and slide on down.