Throwing Rice

Susan Rice has made the headlines of late, mostly because she seems clueless on the Benghazi Consulate coverup … but she was “going on the best intelligence available.”

She seems to be well-qualified for the job of Sec State (with a Doctorate from Oxford), and background as the Assistant Secretary of State for Africa.  Should she be nominated, the Senate will have to have hearings.  It would be interesting to hear her views on Libya, Mali, the Sudan (North and South), Mogadishu, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, all of which have had some problems of late, and all on which she should be an expert.

There are other things going on in the world.  Any potential Sec State ought to be quizzed on such things.  Should Ms. Rice be nominated, I would suggest the Republican members use verbatim queries from the nomination hearing for Condoleezza Rice in 2005.  Senators Biden and Obama represented the Opposition Party at that time. Their questions remain applicable to this day.  Their queries are without question fair and balanced of a black woman aspiring to one of America’s most important Cabinet posts.  As part of the Congressional Record, the questions aren’t copyrighted and ought to be used again.

Simple questions might also be applicable, such as fluency in French (le langage diplomatique), and perhaps Russian, in which the former Ms. Rice was also fluent.

Of course, Susan Rice may not be the nominee.  Alternatively, Senator Kerry may be proposed. Perhaps the Republican leadership should check some other backgrounds.  At least, Sen. Kerry claims to be fluent in French.  Should he otherwise be nominated for Sec Def, one might question his anti-war record, his Purple Heart for rice in his derrierre, and some of the clusters that were awarded to him thirty years after Vietnam, while he was in the Senate.

Happy distractions, folks!  When there is a nomnee to replace Sec Clinton, go for it!