Texans for Ron Paul and Ted Cruz

I don’t belong to any such organization, but this is how I am going to vote in the second week of  Texas’ “Early Voting.”

I don’t dislike Mitt, but I think the Party establishment has erred on the side of  “old white guys who paid their dues and deserve the nomination” for too long.  Like Bob Dole and John McCain. Both, good guys, but neither Presidential Rock Stars nor winners (and yes, I voted for them, anyway).

Ron Paul may be “bat-s**t crazy,” as some and my wife have said (she’s voting for him, too), but he’s been honest, consistent, and legitimately concerned about our Congressional economy. Ron’s not likely to win, but his delegates may be able to influence the Party Platform for the better.

Ted Cruz is a Tea Party candidate, and I can’t but agree with their anti- Establishment Party views. He, too, is Harvard-educated, and born-in-Canada will not be distracted by some future Presidential bid from representing Texas.  Besides, it can’t hurt the Republican Party to have a few more Hispanic candidates to bolster their “street-creds.”  Although somebody should take note that running Cuban-American candidates in Mexican-American districts may not be perfect.

Texans:  our votes don’t count much in this year’s season, because San Antonio Justices delayed our votes. But please go out anytime this week, or a week from Tuesday,  and cast your votes whatever they may be!