Congress, please take a year's vacation

With all due respect, the Stupor Committee has failed to come up with any compromise and you, Congress, have failed to do your  job.  The Constitution requires of you to complete appropriations each year by the October 1 deadline YOU (and your weak-kneed predecessors) imposed, after extending it from  July 1!

I find it a political farce that 535 Senators and Representatives of  The People really care less about their populace than  their chances for re-election. Perhaps you have ignored the lessons of BOTH the “Tea Parties” and the “Occupy Wall Street” movements:  their common complaint is that they believe in neither Congress nor the businesses that support it. No matter how many dollars you are given or you take, eventually the votes will add up.

It’s a little uncertain if Appropriations for  Defense, Energy, Environment and Interior have been approved. The other half of the Government seems to be in limbo. It would be nice if y’all did the jobs you are paid for by the end of the year, whether you are decorating Christmas trees or lighting Hanukkah candles.

“Get ‘Er  done,” and you’ll have almost a year to campaign.

My humble suggestion:  please pass the 2006 budget. It’s expenditures don’t much exceed the expected revenues of FY2012, and I (nor the American People) am no better off than I was five years ago.

I know y’all don’t really want to work for a living, nor read stuff (like Bills) that has been written for you by lobbyists, so just take the amounts (Total Appropriations) for each Department of the Executive  from 2006 and give the total to them for their own allocation. If they mess up, it will be their fault (and the Executive’s).

Should you get your acts together, and pass the overdue appropriations for FY 2012, your jobs should be done and you may take vacation. It does not appear that the Postal Service will need to name any new facilities next year.

You are incompetent and ineffectual. Please take the year off and devote it to your campaigns.