Wisconsin Recount

Back in 2000, Billy Daley prolly had to sit at the Kids’ Table Christmas, ’cause he couldn’t steal enough votes in Florida to overturn an election. The US Supreme Court had to step in and order the Florida Supreme Court to follow its own rules. Make no mistake: in Bush v. Gore, the ruling was “follow your own rules,” and THAT followed an earlier severe warning that would have allowed Florida to save face.

Eleven years later, Justice David Prosser fell 171 votes short of a sure win … and the Democrat challenger has filed suit to try to gain back over 7,000 votes in a “free” recount that will cost Wisconsin taxpayers over $500,000. Even if the recount weren’t free, the Democrat would only have to pay $34,530.

A summary of the problem can be found here. This, in a State known for buying votes with wine or cigarettes. Even KOS wonders about previous elections.

Hey, there has to be a cut off somewhere, be it 1 or 171 votes. But I hope Wisconsin will remember what one person’s (and Party’s) ambition cost the State and its taxpayers.

I am generally opposed to increasing the Federal Criminal Code, but it might help if the penalties for Election Fraud were made equivalent to those for Treason, even though convictions may take far longer than the terms of the people elected.

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