Iraq Extortion

The “government” of Iraq recently requested another $billion in damages from the US! Of course, the Iraqi Parliament couldn’t even get it’s act together to MEET for about a year (and OUR Congress thinks it has the corner on “vacation time”). But now, they’ve got their hands out.

There is no end to the greed of politicians. But they only follow our own lead.

$billions in aid to Iraq have “gone missing” and the Iraqi people still don’t have the electrical power or water resources that we once promised them, after eliminating Saddam.

Media to the contrary, it took but 26 days to end Saddam’s reign. It est.  Years of subsequent “occupation” have yielded few results, and we are officially “outa there!” Much as we retain some military presence.

For those who understand, there is an Economic Analysis philosophy promoted by the Federal Government about “projects:” the crux is that “sunk costs” are irrelevant to future cost/benefits analysis. We have given the politicians and lackies of Iraq $billions of dollars; they have not spent them wisely; we have no need to continue spending American taxpayers’ dollars to fund another corrupt (if sorta democratic) regime. Cut them loose: as once proposed, they can fund their own danged government with oil revenues!

An attempt at extortion should be replied with by cutting off ALL funds. We have needs, as well.