Letter to the new Congress; I cannot say it better

Here it is.

Consider the words of Gov. Bobby Jindal writing on political leadership: “All people — regardless of their job or role in society — have the responsibility to notice when they are viewed as a role model and live up to that responsibility. No excuses. That admiring kid of today could be a political leader, athlete, parent or teacher of tomorrow.”

Many thanks to the A&M student who found this … I have hope for our youngsters.

I have dropped a drunken DNC member off at a DC whorehouse, after he “hit on” my wife. I have had my Republican Congressman go down in flames after “diddling” male pages. Our politicians of all political affiliations are not all “paragons of virtue.” Let us hope that all the “newbies” elected on promises of virtue and “listening to the people” vote their consciouses and the promises they have made. And that they serve as models of personal behaviour.