"The Shores of Tripoli"

… is a line from a much-cited song. I know that this is a diversion from the sport of elections, but it may be important to remember that the “elected” have some responsibilities. USS Constitution (sitting in Boston Harbor, and still commissioned) once fought the Barbary Pirates, along with ships named Enterprise and Constellation. Pirates remain active today:

Piracy is thriving off the coast of Somalia because the country has not had an effective government for two decades. They currently hold at least 28 vessels and 654 hostages.

President George H. W. Bush paid little attention to Somalia at the end of his term, and President Clinton made an effort, but pulled out after the disaster in Mogadishu. Neither was much supported by Congress, who haven’t declared a War since 1942.  (Incidentally, that declaration was against Hungary … the Japanese and German Declarations occurred at the end of 1941!)

Current interests lie appropriately in Domestic policies, but our politicians (including the Executive and those who aspire to it) would be well-served to consider International interests, as well.