Despierten, Republicanos!

“Wake up,” as it were.

While Texas will be gaining four Congressional seats, and remains pretty much Red, it would be wise to note that most of our population increase came from Hispanics … and many can and will vote.

Hispanics composed about 70 percent of the 3.9 million people added to the Texas population in the past decade … About 25 percent of eligible Texas voters are Latino …

Oh yeah … we have an immigration problem, and plenty of “illegals.” But A LOT of Hispanics are here legally and many have achieved citizenship. Like the pater familias (El Abuelo) I talked with a while ago, who slogged through Inchon with his Marines to achieve his citizenship. Or the Coca-Cola executive I know, who was born in Monterrey (Nuevo Leon, Mexico).

Everybody counts towards apportionment; legal voters vote; and it behooves the Republican Party to recognize and respect those who have come to this country to work and create families … as did mine, from Germany, Ireland, Wales, and elsewhere … since at least 1776 (and Mexicans came to Texas 200 years before).

As an aside, I am really amused by the “Government” of Dallas: after years of control by the “Black” minority (~25%), the “Hispanic” minority (~35%) is making its presence felt, and the “White” majority is actually a minority! When does a purported “majority” become a protected “minority?”

Many naturalized citizens with whom I have been acquainted resent those who have come over and declined to participate in the lengthy process of becoming citizens; NONE (legal or illegal immigrants) like our Unions (they just want to work); MOST have “family values” that would put our politicians to shame. In short, they could be Republicans (at least, according to the alleged basis of the Party platforms).

Tom DeLay  (bless his larcenous and convicted heart) wrote off the Hispanic vote, and put many of its members in three Texas Districts.  THIS coming year, our (Republican) Lege is going to redistrict again, whether or not our Texas Democrats vacation in Oklahoma. (To be fair, one should note that our Republicans once abdicated to a garage poker-party in Austin, when in the minority.)

In Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and even Colorado (and others), the Republican Party had better recognize that the “Hispanic” vote is going to sway elections. As has been said elsewhere, President Bush II received ~50% of the Hispanic vote … Sen. McCain didn’t do as well.

I despair that the political parties have long since abandoned advocating for The People, in preference for splitting off one group for another. The Party of Lincoln, who once emancipated “Negroe” slaves, is now depicted as a cause of injustice … even though a hundred years later, it was Republicans who supported and passed LBJ’s (Democrat) Voters’ Rights Act.

THIS Century, Republicans are understandably opposed to illegal immigration (although the waves of Irish, Italians, and Poles [for instance] were not worthy of Congressional consideration) … In an atmosphere that might depend on 5% of the vote, I would encourage Republicans, Tea Partiers, and others to reduce the rhetoric and MAKE THE CASE that Hispanics should join with Republicans.

PS:  Marco Rubio is Cuban, by origin! Puerto Rican voters have been US citizens for a hundred years. Despite our brief years as Independent Republics (before joining the United State of America), Texas and California were once territories of Mexico: The Alamo was founded in 1716. San Diego was documented in 1542 as a discovery, and San Diego was settled as a mission in 1769.

Democrats would probably LOVE to make Hispanics another “minority voting bloc” … and they have made some headway … but their Union and other traditional supporters (read__NorthEastern states that can’t cope with change) contrast greatly with the aspirations of many Hispanics

Republicans have an opportunity. If we believe in what we say, sane Hispanic voters will come to our side.