Continuing Resolutions for Dummies (ie, Congress)

It may be too much for Congress (still Democrat) to pass a budget, or the dozen Appropriations bills that they failed to complete by the Due Date of October 1. No wonder many have been fired.

Unable to perform their jobs, Congress will undoubtedly attempt to pass yet another Omnibus Resolution to keep the Government going. So far, a Continuing Resolution keeps us going, as it sets spending at the levels of last year:

President Obama has signed the continuing resolution, H.R. 3081, into law. The CR will keep the federal government operating through Friday, December 3, 2010.

There is talk of continuing to continue at FY2010 levels, but 2006 might make a better target for our incompetents to reach. Because 2008 Revenues were more than 2006 Expenditures!

Despite political horse-puckey to the contrary, Federal revenues have increased every year from 1995 to 2008, excepting a drop in 2002 after the tech bubble and a minor 9/11/01 incident. FY2001, $3.834 Trillion … FY 2008, $4.767 Trillion! And a high of $5.237 Trillion in FY2007, after “Bush Tax Cuts” and before the Democrats regained control of Congress. REVENUES!

CONGRESS: I know you hate to actually work for a living, so I offer a simple proposition: the 2006 budget funded the entire US government for a year, and FY2011 revenues ($4.916 Trillion) are expected to be greater than 2006 expenditures;  take the 2006 appropriations, strip out earmarks (just because they were put there by Republicans for the most part and are no longer necessary anyway), and pass an Omnibus Spending Bill identical to that of 2006 ($4.397 Trillion)!

It is a terrible thing to ask Congress to do anything original, so I think my modest proposition might get them off the hook because it’s already been done.

Reference: http://www.usgovernmentrevenue.com/downchart_gr.php#usgs101