Immigration ... and we should, too

Germany has a conflict about immigration. Like us, they need skilled workers and can’t seem to find them other than from Turkey or other States outside of Germany.

The Germans don’t like Turks, because the Turks eat funny foods and worship in a non-Lutheran fashion.  But then, they are the largest voting minority in Germany, and some elections hang upon the minority.

In Germany, the Turks immigrate because they have more technical talents than the Germans seem able to produce. Ist schalle, because the Germans are known world-wide for their technical skills.

In America, the debate is over H-1 visas for technically-qualified foreigners … mostly Indians, some Pakistanis. Real Americans can’t seem to stand the rigors of a technical university education.

I think this all cow-poop!  During the Y2K scare, my company needed hundreds of programmers … a skill most often associated with ITT Technical College or other institutions of the same ilk. Government-funded though they may have been, they couldn’t meet the demand.

MY company chose to hire the best liberal arts majors we could find, and turn them into programmers. English Majors (who could look forward to making as much as some poets), History Majors who might have given their souls to politics, Artists and Writers with few prospects, but an aptitude and a willingness to learn a new talent.

We hired young Americans, trained them well, and paid them well.  We made money off of them, but they made families, bought houses, and became productive members of society. I should particularly note that no Government funds were involved … we did this out of pure greed.

Meanwhile, I watched a competitor attempt to hire “experienced” Americans who were not so good and had priced themselves out of the market.  THAT company ended up hiring about fifty Indians (as my astute Indian immigrant friend joked, “we are bringing in half of New Delhi!”); they lived six to an apartment, and went back to India before the century turned.

There are Americans that want technical jobs and would like technical pay. I am sure that there are Germans who want the same. But as long as Government supports welfare (or unemployment) payments for citizens, immigrants will rise up to take the jobs that exist. And they should!

Americans need to wake up and re-learn the lessons of The Great Depression:  there is work to be had; it isn’t always glorious; but it can support your family (and your Government).

I’ve re-structured corporations, I’ve programmed computers, and I’ve built a brick wall that stands forty years later (the weeds I picked may have come back). I am an American and I will do whatever work I need to to support my family. Government never trained me, but it’s welcome to … I am waiting, waiting, waiting for young Americans to do what I have done … if I can’t find any to cut back the bushes in front of my house, I may do it myself (I’ve started) … otherwise, I’ll hire immigrants.

Like my ancestors … the one who fought in the Continental Army, those who lay siege to Vicksburg (after getting off the boat from Europe) … who became Americans, fought in many wars, and either grew crops or ran machinery … I will welcome immigrants.