Incumbent (career) Fever

Going into Sunday’s legislative elections, President Hugo Chavez pitched his candidates like a salesman, promising Venezuelans  he will give them low-interest credit cards and discounted appliances from washing machines to TV sets. … If Chavez’s allies manage to retain a two-thirds majority, it would give them the power to keep rewriting laws unopposed and to appoint officials including Supreme Court justices and members of the electoral council. [Note: the opposition won ~30%, having participated this time.)

OOPS … wrong election.  In America, three-fifths seems to matter more than two-thirds, for most things; and the election is Tuesday November 2 … we really ought to vote on Sundays.

SOooo … incumbents are intent on retaining power, even though they can’t even do their jobs.

I’m not so worried about the Democrats who are about to be retired, it’s the Christs, the Murkowskis, possibly the Castles …  our own Republicans who do not understand that THE PEOPLE SPOKE, and THEY DON’T WANT YOU ANYMORE!

OK … so Charlie Christ is running for the Senate, not his Governorship … but he is an incumbent politician … a career politician … and even Repubicans said they don’t want him in the Senate. His solution? “I am a career politician and I just can’t bear the thought of not running for office” … so he might split the vote as an “Independent” and get a Democrat elected.

Murkowski:  appointed by her Daddy, and elected ONCE!  Apparently, she is more concerned with her position of privilege than her Party … defeated in the Republican Primary, when The People get to voice their opinions, she just can’t stand to give up the perks and kickbacks of office. Republican Senator Stevens honourably ended his career in a plane crash (under many charges, amongst them, the “bridge to nowhere”) … ex-Governor Palin was fairly successful in eliminating some of the corruption in Alaska; candidate Miller might eliminate some more. Lisa should pull out and find an honest profession, lest she help elect a Democrat.

Representative Castle may be considering an independent effort against Christine O’Donnell. I can understand if the incumbent Representative wants to promote himself to incumbent Senator, but The People said NO!

I can understand why incumbents (even Representatives [or Governors] aspiring to be Senators) might want to keep their political jobs, but they ought to hang it up and find honest work.

Incumbents have a fervor to keep or expand their power and privileges … few continue to represent The People (because $10 billion in contributions by Wall Street over the past ten years bought two $trillion dollars in taxpayer-paid bail-outs and “stimulus”).

Incumbents (all career politicians, including both those trying to keep their current jobs and those vying for a better job) have the delusional fever that they can party, travel on private jets, take months-long vacations, and not even have to read (let alone write) the legislation that they vote for or against.

The institutional GOP has yet to “get” this.  Boehner wants to revive earmarks “maybe in a year or two” … does The Party not understand that this is the MAJOR cause of disaffection amongst Republican voters … and, yes, many Democrats? NObody in Congress seems to understand that THE PEOPLE foot the bill for their extravagances. When did the term “STAY IN OFFICE” take precedence over the term “REPRESENT?”

21 pages of GOP “Pledge to America” … nothing specific … it might be challenged.  ONE PAGE might suffice: it worked almost two decades go: 90% of the “contract” was fulfilled, and six years later, it started getting dismantled (by Republicans).

Like Diogenes, I continue to search for an “honest man” (or woman) in Congress. I fail. Suggestions are welcome. The fervor of the GOP institution and the demented fever of candidates that have left the Party but pretend to adhere to some of its policies is just stupid! If you lost, you deserve it; if the Party lost a favorite candidate to The People’s WILL … deal with it!!