It est ... it is done...Now, Unite!

The Primary season is over. There’s an interesting count remaining in Alaska, but most of the 2010 candidates have been selected. I’m glad of some and sad of others.

Tea Party candidates (and it’s unfortunate that no Democrats were included amongst them) had modest success in early primaries … media tells me that we are five-for-five in the last Primary!!! But now the candidates have to get elected.

Reality: some States are more liberal than others. If a Republican in those states represents his/her constituents and veers from a strict Party Line, hold your tongue and don’t hold your vote … do you want a Senator or Representative that agrees with you some of the time, or one that disagrees all of the time?

I am a little perturbed by the number of Republicans that have been thrown to the wolves in the past few years (by the Republican Party) … whether they’ve become Democrats (with little chance of re-election) or Independents, their votes are missed.

If you listen to only FOX news, you might decide that the election is over; you can stay home. Even in 2008, over 38% of Americans did the same. So we got Leaders Pelosi, Reid, and President Obama.

We have a Republican slate for 2010. You and your neighbors agreed or disagreed. But a majority decided.

Please turn out (get out of the lounge chair and take a trip to your local polling place) on November 2nd (yeah, it’s a little early, this year), and cast your votes. If YOU don’t vote, somebody ELSE will run your life.

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