The Obama Unemployment Initiative

In the worst of times, the Obama administration continues to cut non-government jobs and send thousands to the unemployment lines.

A recently-released report from the Administration shows that Government Motors (previously, GM) and Chrysler put more than a thousand dealerships out of business (along with all their sales and service people) at the Government’s behest :

GM’s initial plan submitted to the government in February 2009 called for the gradual reduction of 1,650 of its 5,750 dealers by the end of 2014. Chrysler pointed to plans to trim its network from 3,181 dealers to about 2,000 dealers by 2014.

After Treasury rejected those earlier plans, the two companies released accelerated efforts to cut their dealership ranks. Chrysler said it would quickly close 789 dealers by June 2009 and GM said it would slash its dealer ranks by 1,454 by October 2010.

Following a fierce lobbying campaign by car dealers , Congress approved legislation last year requiring arbitration for closed dealers. GM said it would reinstate more than 660 dealers it had threatened with closure, reducing the number of dealers planning to appeal. Chrysler also agreed to restore about 80 franchises.

Do the math: GM has or will close 794 dealerships (1,454 – 660); Chrysler will close 709 (789 – 80). Think about the employees: the (rich?) General Manager, the (not-so-rich?) VPs of Service, Parts, and Sales, the service technicians and salespeople. Lots of people, out of work. Some probably deserve it (I’ve had cars, too), but many do not.

I’ll not let BP off the hook, but they’ve finally capped their accident. Meanwhile, Obama put 20,000 oil workers out of work (and a 100,000 people in stores, restaurants, motels, and helicopter companies that benefitted from their salaries and work requirements) … because ONE deep-water well out of THIRTY-THREE messed up. Even though The Government found after a few DAYS that the other wells had no real problems, and TWO Federal Courts have found Obama’s "moratorium " illegal, Obama will appeal the rulings as slowly as possible (maybe until the moratorium ends, or after) until all the rigs in the Gulf have fled to more friendly climes that don’t employ American workers.

Perhaps unemployment creates voters; it’s the new "welfare." But when The President CREATES unemployment, it can’t be a good thing.