Drill, Baby, Drill ... and Sue the Government!

I don’t know that Obama and the Green movement have sworn off using gasoline, but if they were honest in their claims, they would. Yet another Federal Court has overturned Obama’s halt on Gulf Drilling. Unfortunately, endless appeals just continue the Administration’s intent of putting thousands of people on Unemployment.

Companies are already sending Gulf oil workers overseas. Some are even from shallow-water rigs. Others represent jobs that change or are lost.

BP certainly is at fault for some of this, But Obama’s illegal “moratorium” (as found by TWO Federal Courts) has cost about 20,000 jobs, and another 100,000 people are affected.

Not to mention, 82,000 barrels/day, almost 30 million barrels total next year, will not come from the US, but will have to be made up from other sources (eg, Arabs). The reference is a a quote from the Energy Information Administration (yet another Federal Agency established by Jimmy Carter).

I would like to see all of the oil companies that paid good money to the Federal Government for rights to drill in offshore waters SUE the Government for breaching its contracts