... and Congress Promotes Insanity

I do not for a moment condone driving an airplane into an IRS building … I have relatives in that Agency, and others that have worked for the government. Caveat aside:

I have read and seen the news and comments. Media and Congress miss the point.

Our disfunctional Congress passes laws that hurt people; our Agencies are bound by regulations that protect the regulators and prevent the use of common sense. The Government to which many candidates aspire rewards politicians and punishes the people they purport to represent.

I do not know what caused a fellow to burn his home and kill himself in a suicidal attack. I do think that he was not some Al Qaida terrorist, although his act may deem him a “terrorist.”

What is missing in all commentary I have heard is that he was a simple American citizen driven mad by the actions of his Government.

Democrats tax and spend. Republicans (and nobody can deny it, the past decade) simply spend. Neither gives a tinker’s epithet about the people who support them, but are eager for their money … to get elected, to pay back the organizations that fund their campaigns and write their bills for them.

Lost in all of the passions for election are The People. Politicians: your predecessors are driving your constituents mad. Media: you promote insanity. and only amplify the politicians’ views.

I might like to see a Republican victory in 2010, but only if it had a contract such as was proposed in 1994 and abandoned in 2000 when our first new Senators came up for re-election. Give me a Congress-person who pledges to not accept a single dollar of pork (“discretionary funds”) for his district, in the National interest. I might vote for that candidate, if he or she keeps a promise to quit in six years.

In the meanwhile, Congress (and those who aspire to the title), please recognize that your haven’t sent a soldier into foreign war since 1942 (though thousands have died), and your actions simply drive your country-men insane enough to kill people in your own back yard.