Race and Carter's Stupidity

President Obama’s political goals can be debated, and should be … but he won by </a href=”http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/results/president/”>”53% of the vote</a>.

President Carter: I voted for your sorry derrierre <i>once</i>, because you were a Nuclear Engineer in the US Navy, and I thought you might promote clean, non-carbon, non-polluting nuclear energy; but you did NOT. Not a single nuclear power plant has been started since you took brief office.

On Race, YOU might want to make it an issue (as a subsidized peanut-farmer from Georgia), but even your President has declined to sign on.

Perhaps you remain in the thralls of what was once considered the “Cracker” mentality. I can understand: Georgia Democrats spent DECADES supporting “Jim Crow” laws.

I am sure that many Democrats who have devoted their lives to pandering to a Black costitiuency are overwhelmed by the fact that America (only ~12% Black) elected a Black Pesident by a majority of the WHOLE POPULATION.

You are STUPID to claim “racism” … the numbers don’t support you; neither does your President.  Nor the <i>last</i> Presidents from Illinois: Lincoln and Grant (both Republicans).