Iran Votes, and America is No Example

Iran’s vote is being contested. Meanwhile our stock market dropped almost 200 points. Maybe unrelated, but America would have kinda wanted “the other guy” to win. Mir Hossein Mousavi is a little less confrontational (he’s an artist), but has also been Prime Minister of Iran (1981-1989).

Much political hay will be made of this, but it is mostly chaff. We are supposed to like free elections, but Pakistan replaced a friend with a conflicted Pakistani (once on trial for corruption), the Palestinians elected Hamas by an overwhelming majority (they don’t like Israel, but provide services to their people and are not as corrupt as Fatah), Hezbollah retained a third of Lebanon’s seats, but kinda lost to “pro-western” factions.

Meanwhile, Billy Daley couldn’t steal enough votes to overturned an American election in 2000, but Al Franken is on his way to winning a Minnesota Senate seat eight or nine months after the election was held. In the past eight or nine years, several other American elections (WA Governor, SD Senator, for example) have been won by less than 1,000 votes.

All of our challenges to elections in other countries are pretty worthless in light of our own recent history. And our own Parties might take note: when the election is 50:50, The People are not confused; we just don’t think ANY of the candidates are worth more than a coin flip.