Spend 'Til You Drop!

The AP wrote an article on how we’re going to keep track of “stimulus” spending:

And how, exactly, are states supposed to track and report all this spending when there’s no money in the law for tracking or auditing?

Gee … I thought State Treasurers or Comptrollers and Federal Contract Administrators, COTRs, and Agency heads were already charged with tracking responsibilities.

As a Federal contractor (from time to time) I never reported to anyone below a GS13 (or Navy Captain’s) pay scale … in 2008, those folks were paid at least $77,000/year to make sure folks like me got projects done. I occasionally did projects for States, including one who’s Governor was named Clinton at the time; they watched me like a hawk, recouped the project’s cost in a few months, and have made about $1 million/month off it ever since.

I filed progress reports generally every two weeks … sometimes once a week … and billed State or Federal agencies at least once a month. The data is there.

I understand why politicians, States, and Federal Agencies don’t really want to report on how $100s of billions are spent … but they already have managers and auditors on the public payroll that have allegedly been doing this for years. As they spend a $trillion on “stimulus” and “discretionary spending,” and “earmarks,” they can danged well report it to the taxpayers.