When Black is White

Today, Eric Holder was confirmed as Attorney General.

Holder’s chief supporter, Sen. Patrick Leahy, said the confirmation was a fulfillment of civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s dream that everyone would be judged by the content of their character.

I’m glad he’s the first Black AG, but what’s the big deal? The Democrats were only too happy to oust the first Hispanic AG, and applauded the selection of the White guy Holder Replaces:

… Mukasey has received praise (from the former head of People for the American Way, Ralph Neas, and Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat …

I don’t remember Democrats “judging by the quality of their character” when Justice Thomas was nominated, nor when Secretary of State Rice was nominated. I think they gave General Colin Powell a pass, but the NAACP equated Rice and Powell to “tokens” and Nazis.

History is forgotten:

With little fanfare and not much credit, President Bush has appointed a more diverse set of top advisers than any president in history. __ USA Today, 12/9/2004