Confession Consequences

In a month or so, Obama has suggested we close Guantanamo for prisoners.  Few care any longer, and this administration won’t complete any prosecutions.

But <a href=”http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/dec/08/september-11-confessions”>a few prisoners recently confessed.</a> No more trials for them. What about sentencing?

It would be only fair to kick the bucket even further down the road, and ask respected Muslim scholars or Qazi (judges) to suggest sentencing and avoid claims of martyrdom. After all, <a href=”http://islam.about.com/blvictims.htm”> these guys killed Muslims, too.</a> Let them confess four times, as prescribed by law, and let them publically receive the quisas [retribution] they so richly deserve. Unless, of course, all their victims’ families forgive them.

Military executions generally have included hanging or firing squad. It may not be too late to add beheading to the list.