"Cynicism and dishonesty"

Garrison Keillor recently (Oct 10) wrote a column criticizing Governor Palin. I got the e-mail from a Washington State Democrat currently in France. I love my sister, but I just had to reply:

Anybody that thinks a Chicago politician and the Senator in whose State every one of the “evil corporations” is incorporated will do any good for the economy is clueless.

We should be thankful that the military that is accused of all sorts of horrible acts is the same military that trained and put forward “courageous lawyers” to defend the perpetrators of even more horrendous acts.

As to women in politics, Keillor has a point: ie, Moms need to stay at home, wash the dishes, raise the kids. They should have nothing to do with politics, because it’s a subject just too complex for their poor little minds. Just because a hockey mom beat the incumbent Governor 51-19% in the Republican primaries and beat a former 2-term Democrat Governor 48-40% in the real election doesn’t mean she knows anything. (Can you spell satire?)

Obama-Biden have more experience in the Senate than McCain-Palin. After all, Senator Biden presided over the recessions of 1973-1975, AND 1980-1982, before sharing two more with John McCain. And Obama got to vote on things like extending credit to people who couldn’t afford homes or ignoring the fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were under-capitalized. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin increased dividends to citizens of the state from $1,106.96 in 2006 to $1,654 in 2007 (Permanent Fund Division Reports) and $3,269 in 2008 (Permanent Fund Division Website). Incidentally, while the 2006 report features Govenor Murkowski’s cover letter, no reports since have been prefaced by Governor Palin. Women just don’t know nuthin’ about finance, let alone their constituents. Won’t even take credit.

Ayup. Garrison Keillor says it all. You cannot “overthrow a dictator with a show of force and achieve democracy at no cost to yourself.” Not in Somalia (Aidid, October, 1993), Haiti (Aristide, October 1994), or Yugoslavia/Serbia/Kosovo (Miloševi?,Spring 1999). It is especially inconvenient when you ask for neither Congressional nor UN approval for such regime change. What’s best is to get Congressional approval for The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, because [Iraq] “… has persisted in a pattern of deception and concealment regarding the history of its weapons of mass destruction programs,” and “It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.” Passed by unanimous consent of the Senate October 7 1998, including Biden.

So … of all four people that might become President (by election or succession), which one has neither sent troops to war nor help create the current financial state? Which one was “We, The People” most recently? Biden (county council, 1970)? McCain (Congressional Representative, 1982)? Obama (Illinois Senate, 1996)? or Palin (city council, 1992 … mayor 1996)?