It's 3 am, and I'm Surfin', Dude

The Fall election will not hinge on taxes, social security (what a laugh), medical care (have you noticed, MediCare and MedicAid are already bankrupt?), young v. old or black v. white, or even a better economy than most of the past fifty years (com’on folks, my Carter/Reagan mortgage was at 13%, and I was happy to get it).

When it comes down to it, it is the safety, stupid!

I watched the Olympics, and saw President Bush and Laura watching the games in a most happy fashion. Not until later did I see a clip at the same seats, with Bush and Putin having a little confab in the aisle, with cell phones handy. Note: Putin came to Bush’s seats.

President Bush may be able to assist a cease-fire, but neither McCain nor Obama has a whit of responsibility nor authority just now.

Nonetheless … this was a “3 am” moment … McCain came out strong (even if he can’t pronounce “Saakashvili” … Bush couldn’t, either, when he started out) … Obama was uncertain, and chillin’ in Hawaii.

Whether Obama wants to tax the oil companies to give Americans a thousand-dollar bribe, or McCain wants to suspend the Federal gas tax for a few months … it is irrelevant. In a world where Russia may take over Georgia, China might take over Kyrgistan or Tajikstan, and some Muslims haven’t given up on “destroying the infidels,” it’s not the economy … it’s the World.”

Every other issue is stupid.